Colors of the Rainbow – Felt Art & Song

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Here’s my second post on Creating Felt Art & Song!

Colors of the Rainbow (from my I Like to Sing album), features lyrics about the many different colors we see in the rainbow, the many shapes all around us, and the many numbers in the universe beginning with one through ten.

I like to use several large felt boards on the floor, (I make them myself), with lots of rainbow shapes, colors, and numbers for all to share. The children can move around freely, sharing the space with friends and family, and explore the many different possibilities as they maneuver the pieces. There is no right or wrong way to play with felt. It’s simply a wonderful invitation to touch and discover.

When we’re ready to sing, I invite the children to bring their felt pieces to the standing board and easel. As we sing the different verses of the song, the children place their felt on the board, and in the end, we stand back and look at all we’ve created.

Colors of the Rainbow is to be included on my new Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4 Mini Animation DVD, scheduled for production in 2014. Watch for more info.

And stay tuned for upcoming posts on Five Little Ducks and Sunny’s Song!

Click here to listen…Colors of the Rainbow  (I Like to Sing with Sukey Molloy, 2007)



Up in the Tree – Song & Felt Art

Getting started Building a tree Putting animals on the tree

Hi Everyone!

I’d like to share a series of blog posts with you about creating felt art with young children! I love creating children’s music, and the accompanying felt art images, characters, and storyboards I use in making animations for my Sukey’s Circle! DVDs. I thought you’d like to join in.

In the music and movement classes I teach, I include felt art for all to share. I begin by creating my own storyboards for stage and picture books, and then modify them for children’s play in my PlayMove&sing classes. I cut lots of felt shapes and colors so the children can create their own storyboards while we play, sing and move together.

Up in the Tree is about a bird, a monkey, and an owl who sing, laugh and hoot while looking down from up high in the tree. When we sing the song, we use lots of sound effects and body movements and imitate the animals we are playing with in felt.

Up in the Tree is one of the songs that will be included on my new Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4 Mini Animation DVD, scheduled for production in 2014.

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on Colors of the Rainbow, Five Little Ducks, and Sunny’s Song!

      Click here to listen...Up In The Tree - Sukey Molloy
  (I Like to Sing with Sukey Molloy, 2007)




The Sun Shines

The Sun ShinesHi Everyone! I’m excited about my new single, The Sun Shines. I released it just last month, and am offering it as a free download. Just click on the link below, and have the song forever! I wrote The Sun Shines while walking along the Hudson River. It’s a cheery song about the special warmth and joy we feel when the sun shines on our bodies. Just click to download the song, and please spread the word. Share it with a friend!

Introducing Errol Robinson…

Erroll RobinsonUpon remembering Nona, I felt it would make her very happy for me to introduce you to her son, Errol Robinson. Errol is like an older brother to me, and among other talents, he has made a career as a performing vocal artist. Like Nona, Errol is Panamanian born, and in his career, he has toured Europe, and Central and South America, and has performed before TV audiences as well as on radio and commercial spots. Errol showcases his talent with classic cover songs, reminiscent of an era gone by. Errol lives in Washington D.C. with his wife Christine. I thought Nona would love to have us hear Errol sing, as she loved to do. Errol sang for Nona and other residents at the Carroll Manor Nursing Home in DC shortly before she passed away at the age of 105. Here’s Errol Robinson singing Have Yourself a Merry Christmas, and, Wish You the Merriest. Thank you Errol.


Have Yourself a Merry Christmas, sung by Errol Robinson

      Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Errol Robinson

 Wish You the Merriest, sung by Errol Robinson

      Wish You The Merriest - Errol Robinson

Remembering Nona

Nona and Sukey togetherI’d like to share a very special person with you who has been a profound part of my life – Claricia Iona Cummings. Miss Cummings, endearingly referred to as Nona, joined my family from Panama when I was just five days old. At the time, we lived in Springfield, Massachusetts. Nona has been like a mother to me throughout childhood and adulthood, and incredibly, lived to be 105 years old, just 4 months shy of 106! Nona, with presence and awareness, passed away this October in Washington DC. Her life shines as an extraordinary example of humility, joyfulness, dignity, careful craft, and hard work, and those who knew her remain in awe of her graciousness and love.

In remembrance of Nona, I wanted to share a Russian lullaby I recorded in 2012. I think Nona would like it, and would feel comforted by its gentle melody. I invite you to listen, and to join me in honoring this very special person. For you Nona…I love you.

Russian Lullaby (from I Am Sleepy! with Sukey Molloy) ©2012

      Russian Lullaby - Sukey Molloy

Tick Tock Goes to Panama

Sukey & Tick Tock

I am eager to share this wonderful coincidence with you. My neighbor and client, Danny Carragher, saw one of my Sukey’s Circle mini shows while vacationing in Panama, and his kids were thrilled to see Tick Tock in the archipelago. One never knows where Tick Tock might show up.

Read on!


Dear Sukey,

So nice running into you the other day! I just had to let you know about a funny thing that happened to us on vacation! We decided to take the family “off the grid” and flew down to Panama where we spent one night on the Panama Canal (quite amazing) and then early

the next morning took a prop plane to northern Panama and a 40 minute boat ride through the archipelago of Bocas del Toro to Isla Popa, a small island with one hotel and 5 indigenous tribes (or so we were told). Our room was smack dab in the middle of the rain forest and for the first few days we did nothing but swing in hammocks and jump in the ocean. One night the boys were a bit restless waiting for us to get ready for dinner so we decided to turn the TV on in our room (they actually had one, though we were told the satellite reception was spotty). After flipping through the channels a bit I found what looked like the children’s station and turned to head back to the bedroom… when suddenly we heard it – YOU, and the “Hello, Everyone” song (in Spanish!) coming from the television! I think it was our little guy, Cooper, who screamed first – “It’s Sukey!!!” The boys were in heaven… and, just when I thought they couldn’t adore you more, you’ve now been deemed an INTERNATIONAL superstar in their eyes. 🙂


El Circulo de Sukey! Upcoming Bi-lingual DVD

El Circulo de Sukey!  con Sukey MolloyThe release of my new Sukey’s Circle (El Circulo de Sukey!) DVD is getting closer and I’m particularly excited about the fact that it’s bi-lingual! Children will be able to watch and listen in both English and Spanish, and it’s a really great opportunity for learning. I don’t speak Spanish myself, and I wish I had learned when I was young. However, during the recording and translating sessions, I was able to learn and sing many of the songs in Spanish, and am now becoming interested in learning the language! I’m excited to know that children who watch the new Sukey’s Circle! DVD will have the same opportunity to appreciate and learn the songs and dialogue in Spanish as well as English.

Here is a sample of yours truly singing Hola Todos (Hello Everyone), and, a sample of Maya Solovey singing Tic Toc (Tick Tock). Sing along with us!

Hola Todos (Hello Everyone)

      Click for audio

Tic Toc (Tick Tock)

      Click audio



New Sukey’s Circle! DVD: Release date July 30th

Sunny and Tick TockI’m back from a family trip to Nepal and excited about the upcoming release of my newly recreated Sukey’s Circle “made-for-TV” Mini Shows DVD. As you know, Sukey’s Circle! is currently airing on BabyFirstTV in both Spanish and English, and I’ve been getting lots of fun emails and tweets from around the globe.

Sukey’s Circle! episodes are created specifically for families with children age 2-5 with an emphasis on active viewing, thoughtful listening, and participatory learning. Each of the 15 mini-shows features live action scenes and felt art animations which are set to my award winning music, and include my favorite Sunshine Family friends, Sunny and Tick Tock.

You can pre-order Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 3: Mini Shows directly from my website prior to the July 30th release date. I’d love to hear from you with comments and reviews!

Click Here To Preorder Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 3: Mini Shows

Sukey’s Circle! Mini Shows on BabyFirst TV!

Sukey Molloy with Sunny and Tick TockHi Everyone! I’m really pleased that my newly recreated Sukey’s Circle! Mini Shows are airing on BabyFirst TV! When BabyFirst initially expressed interest, they requested that I deliver all 15 mini episodes in both Spanish and English. This was quite a surprise but I did it! After the lyrics and dialogue were interpreted from English to Spanish with my friend (and flamenco dancer) Anna de la Paz, we went into Studio ‘L’ with co-producer Larry Alexander and recorded the voice over’s for all the spoken word segments. After completing Anna’s recording session, we returned with vocal artist Maya Solovey who recorded the song vocals. It was fun!

On July 30th I will release Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 3 Mini Shows on DVD and you’ll be able to watch all 15 ‘made for TV’ shows in both languages! In the meantime, catch Sukey’s Circle! on BabyFirstTV on Dish, DirecTV, Comcast, and other cable networks.
Click here.

Anna de la Paz

 Anna de la Paz:
Spanish vocalist on Sukey’s Circle!

Maya Solovey

Maya Solovey:
Spanish vocalist on Sukey’s Circle!

Drum Play with Hands & Mallets

Sukey, Kids, and a Drum!Drum play is inherently a magical activity and seems to attract children young and old. Drum play creates an invitation to touch that allows children to explore sounds and rhythm all on their own. With a little guidance, drums are wonderfully responsive instruments for play and learning, and are very versatile particularly for little hands.

I offer drum activities in my mommy & me and preschool PlayMove&Sing classes, and I include a variety of drum play options for children to try.  Children find drumming exciting and satisfying, and I believe it’s in part because they’re able to impact directly on their environment, and receive immediate feedback with instant response.

I invite children while seated to:

  • Pat the drum with two hands
  • Rub the drum in circular motions with one hand
  • Scratch the drum with finger tips
  • Tap on the drum with pointer fingers
  • Pat the drum with hands alternating R/L

And while standing to:

  • Pat the drum while marching in place
  • Pat the drum while marching around the room

Then seated with mallet to:

  • Tap the drum with one mallet (or two, one in each hand)
  • Circle the mallet(s) around the top of the drum in circular motion
  • Tap the drum with mallet(s) alternating R/L
  • Turn drum on its side and tap the top with mallet(s)
  • With drum on its side, tap the side(s) of the drum with mallet(s)
  • Stand and tap drum on sides or top with mallet(s)
  • March in place, then march around room tapping side or top of drum

The song melodies I use are taken from Ten Little Indians and Skip to M’Lou. I’ve recorded them as Pat the Ball and Rocking in My Rocking Chair on my CD’s. You’ll simply need to modify the traditional lyrics to direct the drum activity. It’s fun to try! (See lyric recommendations below).

Here’s video clip of a PlayMove&Sing class in Nyack, NY and we’re drumming away. Join us!

To the tune of Skip to M’Lou

If I had a drum, what would I do?

What would I do what would I do?

If I had a drum, what would I do?

This is what I would do, do, do.

I would tap and tap and tap on the drum,

Tap and tap and tap on the drum,

Tap and tap and tap on the drum,

That is what I would do, do, do.

…and so on!


To the tune of Ten Little Indians

One little, two little, three little children,

Four little, five little, six little children,

Seven little, eight little, nine little children,

Ten little children go pat, pat, pat.

Pat, pat, pat the drum,

Pat, pat, pat the drum,

Pat, pat, pat the drum,

Pat the drum today.

…and so on!