Craft Time!

Welcome to Craft Time! I’ve just posted my Craft Time! with Sukey Molloy – Tick Tock Felt Kit video, featuring My Tick Tock Felt Kit with story board and felt.

Children learn best when they interact directly with hands-on play materials, allowing them to create, manipulate, and organize their own environment. By giving children pre-cut felt images to play with, along with a felt covered picture board, children can move the images around while telling the story or song over and over again. Felt/ play activities help stimulate creative thinking, tactile awareness, and eye-hand coordination.

You can download the pattern here (PDF), or order the complete My Tick Tock Felt Kit on my shop page! Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you’ll get updates for all the upcoming 2018 posts!

My Tick Tock felt images were originally created to accompany my Tick Tock song and audio picture book, and also appear on my Sukey’s Circle! Tick Tock animations.

Children at play with Sukey for Craft Time