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Sukey Talks To Kidskintha.com about her new CD “Five Little Oysters!

     Hi! I’m delighted to announce the upcoming Oct. 5th release of my brand new album, Five Little Oysters! Co-produced with my long time friend and Grammy winning recording engineer Larry Alexander. Five Little Oysters features lots of old time traditional favorites along with original new tunes and story. Here are some excerpts from […]

New DVD Release & Online Show!

Hi Everyone! I have great news! My brand new DVD, Sukey’s House! with Sukey Molloy & Friends, will be released on Feb. 17th, featuring all 18 of the songs filmed in my living room during the Sukey’s House series. The DVD includes Volumes 1&2 (released last summer as digital downloads) along with my all-new Volume […]

Sukey’s House! Vol. 2 now available!

Guess what? I’ve officially released Sukey’s House! Volume 2 for streaming and digital download through Amazon.com. As with Volume 1, Sukey’s House! Volume 2 was filmed at my house with my band Sukey Molloy & Friends, along with favorite ‘Sukey’s Circle’ friends Sunny and Tick Tock. I hope you’ll join us in the warmth of […]

You’re invited to Sukey’s House!

I’d like to share some ‘sneak peek’ news about my upcoming new video to be released in July. It’s called Sukey’s House! with Sukey Molloy & Friends and was created exclusively for digital download. Sukey’s House! was filmed in my home along the Hudson River in New York, and I’m delighted that my band, Sukey […]

Circle Time in Spring!

Hi Everyone! I’ve had a most amazing time at the Monroe Library this spring and thought you’d enjoy learning a bit about our time together. A picture says a thousand words! Many thanks to Melissa and Joy who took all the great photos, and who hosted the program. My Circle Time program includes songs, musical […]

Movement Grows Learning! What do Foveal and Peripheral Vision Refer To?

In babies and very young children, the muscles in the eyes develop sequentially and are intimately related to the development of the central nervous system. In infancy and early childhood, peripheral vision is the first function to develop naturally, followed by the development of foveal vision. Foveal refers to up-close, two-dimensional viewing used for activities […]

Movement Grows Learning! Right/Left Hemispheres of the Brain

Did you know that the right and left hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different functions? I’ve learned it’s very important in the developing years to nourish both sides of the brain in order to make sure the whole child is engaged in the learning process. The ‘left’ hemisphere is primarily responsible for decoding […]

Movement Grows Learning! with Tick Tock

Have you ever heard the term ‘vestibular’? I learned about it when studying Infant Development at the School for Body Mind Centering in Amherst, MA. Vestibular comes from the word vestibule, referring to a gateway or opening between two places. Located in the central part of the inner ear labyrinth, the vestibular system is responsible […]

Movement Grows Learning! with Pat the Ball

Did you know that ‘Developmental’ refers to a gradual unfolding process? It indicates a series of progressive stages passing through milestones that lead to growth and further development. My mentor, Dr. Garland O’Quinn, Jr. refers to this unfolding as, “…An orderly process that develops step by step by step… similar to the analogy of writing […]

Movement Grows Learning: with Open Shut Them

Did you know that ‘proprius’ means ‘one’s own’ or ‘very near’ in Latin? Proprioception refers to the sense information received in the brain from the movement of joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones. The young developing brain is nourished and fed by impressions received directly from the body, providing essential information about ‘oneself’ through sensation. […]