Here is a picture of Brighty, who volunteer Erika sponsors.

Erika goes every month to spend time with Brighty and to help out with all the chores needed on the farm. You should really consider visiting a donkey rescue farm with your family and children! It is very heartwarming and rewarding and can do so much good. Abandoned and uncared-for donkeys can really use our help!

Brighty lived in horrible conditions at a farm where the owner neglected all his equines.  The animals lacked food and water, but smart little Brighty figured out how to escape to find grass and water throughout his neighborhood.  A good Samaritan neighbor finally convinced the owner to sell Brighty to her, and she then brought Brighty to our rescue.  He was frightened, hadn’t had any hoof care and wasn’t gelded.  Brighty today is as sweet as can be, an absolute gem who gets along with all the other donkeys.  He is, however, a bit suspicious with new people.  Because he knows and trusts us, we can do just about anything with him, but he does get nervous when anyone new tries to work with him.  We want Brighty to feel safe for the rest of his life and not have to endure any more change, so he gets to stay here in sanctuary.

My Interview on Good Stuff Kids

Listen to my interview with Mike Mason on Good Stuff Kids.

Thank you Mike!

Sukey Molloy is here for episode #180! We talked a lot about child development, particularly brain development, and her brand new record ‘Five Little Oysters.” It was fascinating to hear how Sukey uses different artistic mediums and her knowledge on other subjects to enhance her music. Here’s a teaser: Felt and Sound Effects…

“Sukey Molloy puts a big smile on traditional favorites and mixes them with original songs, poetry, and a story for the release of her fifth album, Five Little Oysters! Listeners are invited into a personal, intimate world of familiar old time favorites as Molloy changes up the lyrics with lots of special effects, creative rhythmic nuances, and colorful percussive textures, and highlights educational, learning fun with counting, farm animals, and cozy family listening for children of all ages!

Listen here.

Sukey Talks To about her new CD “Five Little Oysters!

Five Little Oysters! CD  


Hi! I’m delighted to announce the upcoming Oct. 5th release of my brand new album, Five Little Oysters! Co-produced with my long time friend and Grammy winning recording engineer Larry Alexander. Five Little Oysters features lots of old time traditional favorites along with original new tunes and story. Here are some excerpts from an interview I gave with Megan Meehan at Kidskintha. Enjoy! You can click on the link HERE to see the full interview.


Megan Meehan: What is unique and most exciting about your forthcoming album?

Sukey Molloy: Larry Alexander and I were absolutely thrilled to uncover and bring new life to so many traditional songs, and to arrange them with so many layers of special effects, instrumentation, percussion, and creative nuance. We always keep the children in mind, and never hold back when looking for that perfect sound to enter directly into a child’s delicate world. Larry and I spent hours looking for that ‘just right’ train sound for “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”

We also had great fun with some of my new songs, bringing the melodies and lyrics and sounds alive with exceptional musicians who have been on all my albums. It is such a treat and honor to have so many extraordinary musicians to call upon…


MM: What inspires your songs and do you typically write lyrics or melodies first?

SM: What inspires my songs is being together with families and children, and learning what brings them into relation with each other, and the activities we engage in together, whether on stage or in a library or at a school.

To support learning and self-expression, I love to change up lyrics to traditional songs. It’s fascinating how a song will last for hundreds of years. What is it about that song that keeps calling us back? I choose a song, like “It’s Raining It’s Pouring” (“A Tisket a Tasket”) and develop it so the children can participate while singing. I think carefully how each new verse relates developmentally to the age and interest of the child, and can serve learning, creativity, fun, and a sense of self…


MM: Is there anything else that you would like to mention?

SM: Celebrity Parents Magazine wrote: “Sukey is deniably today’s Mister Rogers.”

This is the highest compliment I could receive. In Mister Rogers’ acceptance speech for an award from PBS, he said that the six feet of space between the television screen, and the child viewing, is for him, ‘sacred’ – and this has remained the guiding principle in all my work.


I have a little story to leave you with. My husband and I were at Colonial Williamsburg years back with our two sons, Jonathan, a baby, and James, 5.

We were never a big television family, but James watched Mister Rogers faithfully and loved him. We were strolling along the village walkways, with James pretending to be a soldier, and we spotted a large carriage, drawn by four large horses. There was a camera crew both in front and behind, and when I pointed, James suddenly called out, ‘Mister Rogers!’ and started running full speed toward the scene. We ran behind him, and sure enough, there was Mister Rogers, sitting up in the front of the carriage, being filmed! When Mister Rogers saw this little five-year-old boy running toward the carriage, he stopped the crew, halted the horses, and opened his arms wide. James ran up the three carriage steps and right onto Mister Rogers’ lap. My husband and I watched as Mister Rogers asked him his name, spoke with him about ‘things’, and then after a bit, in the most natural and respectful way, told James it was time for him to continue on. They had a handshake, or a hug, I can’t remember which, then waved goodbye, and off Mister Rogers went, down the road in his horse drawn carriage, out of sight.

It was deeply affirming to find that Mister Rogers was truly the same humble man we knew on screen, and to witness him give his love to our child.

New DVD Release & Online Show!

Hi Everyone!

I have great news! My brand new DVD, Sukey’s House! with Sukey Molloy & Friends, will be released on Feb. 17th, featuring all 18 of the songs filmed in my living room during the Sukey’s House series. The DVD includes Volumes 1&2 (released last summer as digital downloads) along with my all-new Volume 3. Sukey’s House highlights lively participation with age-appropriate lyrics about numbers, colors and shapes, themes from the natural world, emotions such as friendship and happiness, and learning the days of the week. Filming Sukey’s House! with my band, was really great fun, and I can’t wait for you to order it!

Click Here to Preorder the DVD


Here’s sneak peek of one of the new shows from Volume 3


Live Online Show!

Saturday, Feb 18th at 11am Eastern

Join me for a special live online show to celebrate my brand new DVD release! The DVD celebration will come directly from my living room to yours! Please join me for this special Sukey’s House! DVD Release Celebration and invite your family and friends!

CLICK HERE to visit Concert Window to get more information about the show. Admission is FREE! This is a special one-time online event so please bring the whole family, and the neighbors too! We’ll sing songs from the DVD, and share some fun indoor family activities together. CLICK HERE to visit my Concert Window page, and don’t miss the show!

My new Sukey’s House! DVD (Vols. 1, 2 & 3) includes the following 18 songs. Remember, you can pre-order today!

Volume 1: Put My Scarf on My Head, Here We Go Up, Colors of the Rainbow, I Saw a Duck Three, Old MacDonald, I Am Happy

Volume 2: Open Shut Them, Riding on a Ferry, Be Happy Don’t Worry, Three Little Ducks, Down in the Meadow, Night is Falling

Volume 3 (*previously unreleased): Itsy Bitsy Spider, Today is Monday, Little Boy Blue, Cuckoo Bird, Three Itching Mice, Twinkle Little Star

Sukey’s House! Vol. 2 now available!

sukeyshousev2-webGuess what? I’ve officially released Sukey’s House! Volume 2 for streaming and digital download through

As with Volume 1, Sukey’s House! Volume 2 was filmed at my house with my band Sukey Molloy & Friends, along with favorite ‘Sukey’s Circle’ friends Sunny and Tick Tock. I hope you’ll join us in the warmth of my living room for music, movement activities and sing along fun the whole family can enjoy.

As a special surprise, I’ve included here one of the song/videos for you to see. I thought your children would enjoy seeing Sunny & Tick Tock get ready for their late afternoon nap.

Sukey’s House! Volume 2 includes the six titles: Open Shut Them, Riding on a Ferry, Be Happy Don’t Worry, Three Little Ducks, Down in the Meadow, and Night is Falling. Let me know which ones you like the best! They are available exclusively for streaming and digital download on

You’re invited to Sukey’s House!

sukeyshousev1-smI’d like to share some ‘sneak peek’ news about my upcoming new video to be released in July. It’s called Sukey’s House! with Sukey Molloy & Friends and was created exclusively for digital download.

Sukey’s House! was filmed in my home along the Hudson River in New York, and I’m delighted that my band, Sukey Molloy & Friends, could be with me. Sunny & Tick Tock joined us too. In the video, I share music, movement activities, and sing along fun in the warmth of my own living room, and I know this will offer great summer viewing for the whole family.

Joining me from my band are: Stephen Benson on acoustic guitar, and Axel Belohoubek on keyboards, and of course myself, singing vocals and playing the auto harp. Sunny and Tick Tock are at my house too, seated and listening throughout, and sometimes even taking a nap.

I thought it would be great fun to invite children, families and friends into my own home via video, and to share a bit of summer fun in the coziness of my living room. I hope you’ll join me once the video is released. Stay tuned for the digital download release date.

Sukey’s House! Volume 1 songs include the titles below and I had fun singing them for you. I hope the music and movement activities, storyboards and puppets give you lots of family play this summer.

I Put My Scarf on My Head Here We Go Up Colors of the Rainbow
scarf2 up2 rainbow
I Saw a Duck Old MacDonald I Am Happy
duck mac happy

Stay tuned for the release date in July!

Circle Time in Spring!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve had a most amazing time at the Monroe Library this spring and thought you’d enjoy learning a bit about our time together. A picture says a thousand words! Many thanks to Melissa and Joy who took all the great photos, and who hosted the program.

My Circle Time program includes songs, musical instruments, and movement activities for children age birth to 5. In Monroe we created a ‘family style’ series for children birth to age 3. Something for everyone!

I find that singing Hello is always a great way to begin making new friends, and I like to use hand puppets for everyone to sing and wave with while we greet one another.

Look what I found! Getting ready to sing Hello Everyone…


…while creating a circle of friends.

20160428_104208  20160428_105013


Maraca play is another great circle time activity. Maracas are fun to touch, chew, shake and tap, and great accompaniment for all kinds of songs. Participating in rhythmic motion is great stimulation for the developing brain! We sang Here We Go Up, and changed the lyrics to ‘here we go shake, shake, shake’.

20160428_110719  20160428_110732


And playing with pails is an all time favorite activity. In our song/play we added fish and fishing poles, and practiced catching and releasing fish in and out of the pail. This is great fun, and good for fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and creative imagination.


20160428_105506  20160428_105551





And singing Row Row Row Your Boat is always a wonderful favorite. Rocking motion is great for vestibular stimulation and helps to develop balance. It’s fun to try it going both fast and slow.

First we began rowing…


Then our boat capsized, and upside down we went!



Playing with musical spoons is another activity that’s great for learning fun. There are so many things to do with wooden spoons! Here we’re getting ready to sing If I Had Hands (Spoons). We just changed up the lyrics!





And playing with sunglasses, now that’s fun. Look at me singing These Are My Eyes!

20160421_104701  20160421_104645





Songs I’ve mentioned in the post include:

Hello Everyone (Circle Songs with Sukey Molloy CD)
These Are My Eyes (Circle Songs with Sukey Molloy CD)
Row Row Row Your Boat (Circle Songs with Sukey Molloy CD)
If I Had Hands (I Like to Sing with Sukey Molloy CD)

You can buy my CDs HERE.

See you soon!

Sukey Molloy

Movement Grows Learning! with Pat the Ball

Did you know that ‘Developmental’ refers to a gradual unfolding process? It indicates a series of progressive stages passing through milestones that lead to growth and further development. My mentor, Dr. Garland O’Quinn, Jr. refers to this unfolding as,

“…An orderly process that develops step by step by step… similar to the analogy of writing music. The basic element is the note, notes are put together to form chords, and chords are written in sequence to develop a musical score.”
Teaching Developmental Gymnastics, Skills to Take Through Life, University of Texas Press

It’s the same with learning how to play ball. There are definite steps along the way. First the child learns how to hold the ball, then to pat it, roll it, bounce it, toss it, pass it to a parent, and eventually to toss it through a hoop! Each new milestone leads to the next stage of learning and creates an invitation for more experimentation.

I hope you find this video clip interesting. It’s from a developmental movement workshop I gave in NJ, and a clip from a class on ball-play. We’re exploring bringing ‘skill based learning’ in a fun and developmentally appropriate way.

Download Pat the Ball (Circle Songs, 2005) for free by clicking on this link.

To order my Circle Songs CD and/or Activity Songbook click here!





Pat the Ball
Circle Songs! CD 2005

Pat, pat, pat the ball,
Pat, pat, pat the ball,
Pat, pat, pat the ball,
Pat the ball to day.

Spin, spin, spin the ball…

Roll, roll, roll on the ball…

Sit, sit, and bounce on the ball…

Toss, toss, toss the ball…

Kick, kick, kick the ball…

Movement Grows Learning: with Open Shut Them

Did you know that ‘proprius’ means ‘one’s own’ or ‘very near’ in Latin? Proprioception refers to the sense information received in the brain from the movement of joints, tendons, muscles, ligaments and bones. The young developing brain is nourished and fed by impressions received directly from the body, providing essential information about ‘oneself’ through sensation.

I thought you’d be interested in a short video clip from a staff development workshop I gave recently in northern New Jersey. I’m presenting early childhood activities based on my Circle Songs CD and Activity Song Book created specifically for the preschool years. In the clip we’re exploring different ways to sing ‘Open Shut Them’ by changing up the lyrics, making tempo changes, and exploring teaching dynamics.

Download Open Shut Them (Circle Songs, 2005) for free by clicking on this link.

To order my Circle Songs CD and/or Activity Songbook click here!




Open Shut Them
Circle Songs! CD  ©2005

Verse 1 – Traditional finger play lyrics:

Open shut them, open shut them, give a little clap,
Open shut them, open shut them, put them in your lap.
Creep them, crawl the, creep them, crawl them, right up to your chin,
Open wide you little mouth, and do not let them in.

Verse 2 – Added body movement lyrics:

Open me, shut me, open me, shut me, give myself a clap,
Open me, shut me, open me, shut me, fold me over in my lap.
Raise me, lower me, right me, left me, turn me all the way around,
Open wide my little self, and do not let me be found.

Verse 3 – Added eye movement lyrics:

Open the eyes, shut them, open the eyes, shut them, give a little blink,
Open the eyes, shut them, open the eyes, shut them, give a little wink.
Look up, look down, look right, look left, circle them all the way around,
Open wide your little eyes and do no let them be found.

Twinkle Twinkle

I love to look up at the stars in the nighttime sky. Don’t you? I love the special feeling of awe and wonder that comes when gazing at the little twinkling beams of light.

When I recorded Twinkle Twinkle on my I Like to Sing album, I discovered that the lyrics are from an early 19th-century English poem by Jane Taylor called, “The Star”. It was originally sung to the tune of a French melody called, “Ah! Vous dirai-je, maman”, and was published in 1761. The song was later arranged by several composers, including Wolfgang Mozart. In my Sukey’s Circle! videos (Vols. 2 & 3) I dance with my Sunshine Family friend, ‘Twinkle Little Star’, who I created in felt to share with children and audiences in concert.

I hope you and your children will download and color my new Twinkle Twinkle coloring page! Just click here to download, or click on the image below. You can also download the Twinkle Twinkle song on iTunes (on my I Like to Sing CD), and order my Sukey’s Circle! videos on Amazon, and at


I hope you make a special wish with your children tonight under the nighttime sky.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are.

In the dark blue sky you keep,
And often through my curtain peep,
Do you never shut your eye,
Till the sun is in the sky.
Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are.

As your bright and tiny spark,
Lights the traveler in the dark,
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle twinkle little star,

Twinkle twinkle little star,
How I wonder what you are.