Sukey’s videos

Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4

Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4 (29 min.) features four new colorful animations including playroom scenes with Sunny and Tick Tock learning about counting, jumping, ball play and childhood adventure. The video highlights four of Sukey Molloy’s award-winning songs.

Sukey’s soothing voice and clever use of felt animation create a warm and exciting learning space on Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4…” –Highbrow

Songs include:

Five Little Ducks, The Story of Little Lamb, Five Little Oysters, and Sunny’s Song.

Sukey’s House! with Sukey Molloy & Friends

Sukey sings with her band, Sukey Molloy & Friends, and invites viewers to move and sing along with her! This brand new Sukey’s House! DVD includes all 18 of Sukey’s award winning Sukey’s House! songs, featuring a third volume previously unreleased.

Songs include:

Vol. 1:
I Put My Scarf on My Head, Here We Go Up, Colors of the Rainbow, I Saw a duck, Old MacDonald, I Am Happy

Vol. 2:
Open Shut Them, Riding on a Ferry, Be Happy Don’t Worry, Three Little Ducks, Down in the Meadow, Night is Falling

Vol. 3:
Itsy Bitsy Spider, Today is Monday, Little Boy Blue, Cuckoo Bird, Three Itching Mice, Twinkle Little Star.

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Sukey Circle! Vol. 3

Enjoy movement play and song with Sukey and her Sunshine Family!
Sukey’s Circle! teaches children to explore movement play and song while listening and viewing. Along the way, children interact with lovable characters who encourage them to move and participate while they listen to traditional and original music, and watch colorful felt art animations.





2009 Nappa Award Winner!

2010 & 2012 Mom’s Choice Award

2011 Preferred Choice Award!


“Sukey’s soothing voice and clever use of felt animation create a warm and exciting learning space.”
Nada Kawar, Content Lead, Highbrow

“Sukey’s Circle! Volume 4 is… gentle and loving. Sukey’s calm approach is reassuring to our young children… bright simple scenes with fun characters, coupled with her comforting narration and lyrical music will entertain the littlest among us…”
Kyle Miller, Executive Director, Phyllis Bodel Childcare Center at Yale School of Medicine, Inc.

“Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4! The simplicity and repetitions are just right for encouraging young children to explore and learn in a creative, musical, and healthy way. I highly recommend this video for young children and families to watch, sing and move together.”
Myrna Packer, Co-Artistic Director, Bridgman|Packer Dance

Sukey’s Circle! is soothing and patient, assuring to parents about the welfare and education of the very young.
Carole Demas of WPIX-TV’s “The Magic Garden”

Channels the emotions of the youngest members of the audience…
Rick Siggelkow, Producer, “Shining Time Station”, “Noddy”, “Ace Lightning”, “Dinosapien”

“One of the best music videos I’ve seen in a long time…I can watch this over and over.”
Adult NAPPA Juror and mother

“The kids sang along, got up, danced and clapped their hands. They were glued to the screen!”
Adult NAPPA Juror of viewers ages 3 and 4

Strikes the right balance of simplicity, bright graphics, and repetition…
School Library Journal Review

“…Ideal for little ones…Inspiring songs, playful and educational activities, felt art animation… highly recommended especially for babysitters, nursery schools, and children’s library DVD collections…bilingual in English/Spanish…”
Midwest Book Review

“…effective for introducing young children to Spanish…deliberate, calm pace…very relaxing and gives children time to process…repetition of key words and movements helps children understand and participate…the consistency of this structure will have kids chiming in…Sukey Molloy is a wonderful music and movement educator…”
Spanish Playground – Resources for Teaching Spanish to Children

“…A great kids program that younger children will love…very interactive and instructional in a silly fun way that kids will be quick to participate…helps in building the fundamentals of music appreciation… incorporates tiny lessons in each program…teaches children through both song and movement…”

“…makes learning fun in a unique way that both children and parents will enjoy…pairs music and movement and playful activities which encourage learning, participation, and even quiet time…”

“…Sukey’s Circle is made for little ones… sweet and gentle….visually appealing…designed to stimulate without overwhelming …great for short attention spans… “

“…fun music and movement play for children…adore the show…”

Who would have thought that singing and making a story with a felt board would be so captivating?

Encourages kids to really think about the things they do!

Sukey Molloy has a special way of captivating my children’s attention…

The storytelling was phenomenal… soothing, easy to listen to, calming.

Bright, colorful, fun… keeps the whole family captivated.

Nothing to over stimulate…Sukey and her friends are engaging.

Like circle time right in your house …perfect for any preschooler.

Sukey’s on-screen presence is what you’d wish for from the perfect pre- school teacher.

“…The songs are catchy and fun…rhyming master pieces of joy and happiness…colorful and bright…makes (Alice) sing and play along…even encourages some quiet time…”