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My audio picture book These Are My Eyes is created from my colorful felt art images, and is the origin of my award winning animations on ‘Sukey’s Circle’. The song was first recorded on my ‘Circle Songs’ CD, and remains a special early learning favorite. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to get all the updates!


Craft Time! with Sukey Molloy – Two Little Snowmen highlights how to make a ‘Two Little Snowmen’ picture board for play at home and school for early learning. Children watch as Sukey creates Two Little Snowmen in felt and places the pieces on the board, adding and subtracting as she goes. Included is a free downloadable link to the ‘Two Little Snowmen’ felt pattern.


Circle Time Play! with Sukey Molloy – Play with Pail/Shovel/Bean Bag highlights tapping, stirring, counting, and naming colors, for early learning.

Story Time! with Sukey Molloy – Tick Tock highlights Sukey reading aloud in her living room from her audio picture book, ‘Tick Tock’. Sukey invites children to move along with the lyrics as she reads.

Craft Time! with Sukey Molloy – Tick Tock highlights felt, picture board activities with pre-cut Tick Tock images for children to explore and play with during story and song play. Early learning with hands-on materials helps children develop creative thinking, tactile awareness, and eye-hand coordination.

Circle Time Play! with Sukey Molloy – Scarf Play highlights tossing, catching, folding, blowing and peek-a-boo for early learning.

Sukey’s House! Here We Go Up

Sukey’s House! with Sukey Molloy & Friends – trailer

Sukey’s House! with Sukey Molloy & Friends

Night is Falling

Sukey’s Circle! Volume 3 Mini Shows

Where Does the River Go? (English)

Adonde Va El Rio? (Español)

I Like to Move My Body (English)

Me Gusta Mover Mi Cuerpo (Español)

Sukey’s Circle! Trailer 2:17

Sukey Molloy Live in Concert 3:05

Sukey at the Library! 3:21

About PlayMove&Sing 3:00



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