Moments with Mother & Daughter


Over the years I have been privileged with many glimpses into mother and daughter relationships, and I continue to be deeply touched. There is an indescribable bond, a mysterious sharing and mutual understanding not easily described. It’s as though mother and daughter have a pre-verbal agreement, a private language all their own – a kind of sensing, a shared intuition, and a mutual acknowledgement. It sometimes seems as though mothers and daughters are one person looking out through two sets of eyes.

In pondering how to honor and support this special mother/daughter relationship, I attempt to give my full and sincere attention IMG_4542to the mystery and unique passage they share together as it unfolds.

In the classes and workshops I teach, I offer gentle, engaging activities to assist in joining mother and daughter together through play, learning, and joyful experiences. I once heard someone say that the best way to help a child is to love that child’s mother. I wholeheartedly agree.