I’m a guest blogger for Go Graham Go!

Play and Learning Together at Home – Pat the Ball!

Ball play is a powerful tool for learning that the whole family can enjoy together. Lead up skills in ball handling help children build muscle memory in the body, help develop eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, and offer opportunities to build self-confidence.

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Go Graham Go

I’m a guest blogger for Teaching Stars!

Movement & Music Activities for Home Schoolers

In thinking about the challenges facing home school parents, I encourage you to try and create more opportunities for movement and music learning as part of your child’s daily curriculum. By providing regularly planned opportunities for movement, music, and art play, you’ll provide tools for learning, and give your children valuable skills to take through life!

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Teaching Stars

I’m a Guest Blogger for Because Babies Grow Up!

Helping Your Child Go To Sleep At Night

I’d like to share a few bedtime rituals that have helped me with my children, and with my music and movement class participants who share their experiences at circle time. I hope you’ll let me know what works for you.

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I’m a Guest Blogger for Momma’s Bacon!

Watch, Listen, Move and Learn! – The Tick Tock Song

Guided movement play gives children a special feeling of “I can!” and helps build important skills to take through life. Movements such as rocking, spinning and turning help children to develop good balance by stimulating the vestibular system.

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Momma's Bacon

Little Flame

I live in Rockland County, NY, and was without power for 6 days following Hurricane Sandy. I feel fortunate to have suffered such little inconvenience, and am touched to see friends, family and community coping with such hardship. At night, when it would be pitch black outside, we could see little candles and flashlights through people’s windows, and know that others were coping in the same way as we. There was a sense of silence outside that permeated everything. It was like being in another time altogether. I hope everyone who can will make a contribution to relief efforts for victims of Sandy, and will find a moment to be grateful for all we have.

Below is  my song “Little Flame”. It seems to speak to recent events.

Little Flame by Sukey Molloy (from “I Am Happy!”)

The Story of Twinkle Little Star – The First Video From “I Am Sleepy!”

I created The Story of Twinkle Little Star to record on my I Am Sleepy! album (just released Oct. 16th). After completing the album, I wanted to make the Twinkle Story in felt art animation, and to share it with families across the globe. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!

The Story Of Little Lamb – A New Animated Video

The Story of Little Lamb, and Little Lamb’s song, were written and composed while hiking with my family out on the moors, off the coast of Ireland. We saw thousands of lambs grazing together with their mothers, and were amused and touched at the innocence and beauty their lives expressed. I hope you enjoy the felt art animation I created to accompany Little Lamb on I Am Sleepy!

Learn more about my brand new CD “I Am Sleepy!” here.

On the right is a photo of Mark Marshall, composer, web designer, and video editor on Sukey’s Circle! Mark and I have worked together on all of my felt art animations, and I am thrilled to release this new creation, The Story of Little Lamb.




Moon Shines Down – “I Am Sleepy” preview

The Moon Shines Down by Sukey Molloy

This is a short A capella piece that opens the album – my husband loved it this way so I never wrote an instrument part for it. He asked that I leave it just the way it was when I composed it along the West Side Drive of Manhattan, singing it into my phone!

The photo to the right is Grammy Winner, Larry Alexander – Co-producer and recording engineer on I Am Sleepy. Larry and I have worked together on each one of my CDs and DVDs, and I am honored to have his unique, sensitive listening genius.

Learn more about my brand new CD “I Am Sleepy!” here.



I would also like to acknowledge my musician friends who contributed to I Am Sleepy . From left to right are: Matthew Baier, composer and guitarist who arranged and played on Sleep Now and Rest, Melissa Alexander who played keyboards on Twilight Song, and Jacqui Drechsler who played flute on Sleep So Gently. Thank you all!

Early In The Evening – “I Am Sleepy” preview

Early In The Evening by Sukey Molloy

This is a traditional round from either England or Scotland, and originated as a morning song. I adapted the song to include two verses in the round, going back and forth from evening to morning, following the cycle of days and nights.

On the right is a photo of yours truly, Sukey Molloy, sharing a fun moment between takes while recording Early in the Evening.

Learn more about my brand new CD “I Am Sleepy!” here.

Sleep Now And Rest – “I Am Sleepy” preview

Sleep Now And Rest by Sukey Molloy

This is traditional Russian song telling of a fairy Domovoy, a friendly fellow who sleeps behind the stove and protects the family from harm. He places his hands over the sleepy eyes of the children and closes them. Matthew S. Baier, composer and classical guitarist in Nyack, NY arranged this song for me in the style of the medieval period.

The photo to the right is Tricia van Oers playing on Sleep Now and Rest. Holland born, Tricia has performed with the New York Ensemble for Early Music, the Long Island Baroque Ensemble, and Bard College to name a few.

Learn more about my brand new CD “I Am Sleepy!” here.