Sukey’s Circle! Mini Shows on BabyFirst TV!

Sukey Molloy with Sunny and Tick TockHi Everyone! I’m really pleased that my newly recreated Sukey’s Circle! Mini Shows are airing on BabyFirst TV! When BabyFirst initially expressed interest, they requested that I deliver all 15 mini episodes in both Spanish and English. This was quite a surprise but I did it! After the lyrics and dialogue were interpreted from English to Spanish with my friend (and flamenco dancer) Anna de la Paz, we went into Studio ‘L’ with co-producer Larry Alexander and recorded the voice over’s for all the spoken word segments. After completing Anna’s recording session, we returned with vocal artist Maya Solovey who recorded the song vocals. It was fun!

On July 30th I will release Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 3 Mini Shows on DVD and you’ll be able to watch all 15 ‘made for TV’ shows in both languages! In the meantime, catch Sukey’s Circle! on BabyFirstTV on Dish, DirecTV, Comcast, and other cable networks.
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Anna de la Paz

 Anna de la Paz:
Spanish vocalist on Sukey’s Circle!

Maya Solovey

Maya Solovey:
Spanish vocalist on Sukey’s Circle!