Sukey Molloy offers a provocative new look at how movement, rhythm and music nourish the developing brain.

Workshop participants establish a ground work for creating new curriculum ideas in classroom routines, and participate in lively and engaging learning concepts for children ages 6 mos – 5 yrs.

Workshops provide an opportunity to observe, absorb and experience an atmosphere of exploration through physical play and song, movement, and hands-on materials, and are fun, informative, and intellectually stimulating! Workshop hosts are invited to choose from among three workshop offerings.

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Sneak peek of a workshop with Sukey Molloy:

“Sukey Molloy was very informative and made me aware of how important movement is in a child’s life.”
-Workshop participant

“I did not realize the difference between movement and meaningful movement, that movement needs to be purposeful in how it affects brain development.”
-Workshop participant

“I have to thank you for offering (the) workshop and how beneficial it is to me to ‘make sense’ of all the early childhood programs I’ve been doing for so many years. It is wonderful to connect science to artistic practice and I have to say your workshop has been so thoroughly appreciated!”
-Workshop participant

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