These Are My Eyes

I’m delighted to share this very first felt animation that I created for Sukey’s Circle! and which is available on DVD and in audio picture book. I first wrote the song for mothers to sing with their babies during infant massage sessions. And the song later evolved into a felt art activity to share with toddlers and preschoolers while singing and moving.

As I watched the first felt images come to life in the animation studio, I was truly touched. The gentleness and sweetness in babies and children when they’re first discovering the mystery of being in a body was, for me, important to convey through the music and colorful images.

I hope you enjoy the video, and that you’ll download the new coloring page to go with it! Just click on the image below. And I hope you’ll consider downloading These Are My Eyes from Itunes (from Circle Songs with Sukey Molloy), and the longer version on the Sukey’s Circle! DVD (Vol. 1) on Amazon or at:



These Are My Eyes
Copyright Sukey Molloy 2005

These are my eyes,
This is my nose,
This is my mouth,
Round my ears it goes.

These are my arms and fingers,
These are my legs and toes,
This is my tummy,
And round and round it goes!