Little Brays of Sunshine!

I’d like to introduce you to:

Little Brays of Sunshine

Donkey Park

35 Ulster Ave

Ulster Park, NY


The Little Brays of Sunshine serve as therapy donkeys and donkey ambassadors visiting nursing homes, schools, fairs, etc. and is located at 35 Ulster Ave, Ulster Park, NY.

This is Susie and her mother Cinnamon.  At the end of my visit, I had left the barnyard heading to my car. And there Susie was, coming to say goodbye and get a little rub. I was very touched and have not forgotten her sensitivity and affection.


It’s feeding time at the Donkey Park. I helped Steve carry out the pats of hay which are laid out in a long line on the ground. The donkeys shared very naturally and were happy to eat alongside one another peacefully.

Here’s a glimpse of Steve who cares for his 13 donkeys.  They are a very special group, each with his/her own story. They’re incredibly friendly and gentle and patient and allowed me to help groom them and feed them and help with cleaning up the barnyard which is an ongoing work throughout each day.

Steve shares the donkeys as Therapy Animals at nursing homes, schools, fairs and other locations and programs. You can learn more by vising the links above!