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A Special Moment with Big Clyde

When I first visited Little Longears Miniature Donkey Rescue in New Oxford, PA I fell in love with a mammoth donkey there who’s name is Big Clyde. I decided to sponsor him and took this video of him enjoying some fresh new hay. Since that time, unfortunately, Big Clyde had to be put down due […]

Wild Donkeys on the Island of St. John’s

On the wonderful Island of St. John’s there are small clans of wild donkeys who are cared for by the whole community. They roam on their own and are simply precious. Of course we’re asked not to feed them but people roll down their windows and offer treats. It was very sweet to see them […]

A Donkey with a Cart in Morocco

  My husband and I visited Marrakech, Morocco this spring on our return from a wedding. It was utterly heartbreaking to see how the donkeys were treated there, and hard to believe that humans still don’t understand how precious all animals are. Donkeys are the sweetest, most patient and enduring animals and have carried our […]

Foster Hill Farm

I’d like to introduce you to: Foster Hill Farm 21 Stafford Street Stafford Springs, CT 06076 860-729-6310 kim@fosterhillfarm.com   The miniature donkey breeding program at Foster Hill Farm has been in place since 2009.  Foster Hill Farm has one of the largest breeding programs for miniature donkeys in the Northeast.  Roughly 40 donkeys are kept […]

New York Wildlife Rescue Center, Middleburg, NY

I’d like to introduce you to: New York Wildlife Rescue Center, Middleburg, NY https://nywildliferescue.org Director/President: Wes Laraway, 518-256-5911 Vice President: Kelly Martin, 518-827-4616 (land), 518-817-7186 (mobile) Email: northeastllamarescue@gmail.com My husband and I have visited NY Wildlife Rescue in Middleburgh, NY twice and have been in awe at the scale of work they are doing there. In addition […]

Little Brays of Sunshine!

I’d like to introduce you to: Little Brays of Sunshine Donkey Park 35 Ulster Ave Ulster Park, NY http://donkeypark.org/ https://www.facebook.com/LittleBraysofSunshine steve@donkeypark.org 845-389-9159 The Little Brays of Sunshine serve as therapy donkeys and donkey ambassadors visiting nursing homes, schools, fairs, etc. and is located at 35 Ulster Ave, Ulster Park, NY. This is Susie and her […]

Here’s a hilarious picture…

Here’s a hilarious picture I took at Little Longears Donkey Rescue in New Oxford, PA. It’s a donkey wearing a protective shield so flies won’t get in her eyes. The donkey can see perfectly well through the fabric, we just can’t see her. She has no idea that the mask is painted! She was so […]

Here’s a donkey named Daniel…

Daniel sticks his tongue out whenever there are treats around. It’s really very funny! He’s wearing a protective shield over his eyes to keep the bugs away, but he can see perfectly well and is looking for those treats! Here is Daniel’s rescue story: Daniel arrived at Little Longears rescue from a terrible neglect situation. […]

Here is a picture of Brighty, who volunteer Erika sponsors.

Erika goes every month to spend time with Brighty and to help out with all the chores needed on the farm. You should really consider visiting a donkey rescue farm with your family and children! It is very heartwarming and rewarding and can do so much good. Abandoned and uncared-for donkeys can really use our […]