Movement Grows Learning! Right/Left Hemispheres of the Brain

Did you know that the right and left hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different functions? I’ve learned it’s very important in the developing years to nourish both sides of the brain in order to make sure the whole child is engaged in the learning process.

The ‘left’ hemisphere is primarily responsible for decoding information. It categorizes, labels, makes lists, organizes, computes, penetrates math equations, and problem solves. The ‘right’ hemisphere absorbs information through the feelings, and through the sensation of light, color, sound, movement, touch, shape, scent, and design. True learning allows all our senses and abilities to be engaged when acquiring new skills!

What is this?
Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 9.17.50 PM

To one part of the brain this concept is represented by the symbols: C A T.
To another part, it is represented by something soft and furry that makes the sound M E O W.

Both are true! Children should be encouraged to play with different styles and ‘sides’ of learning in order to discover and develop from an inner, individual motivation. Providing a ‘multi-sensory’ approach to learning stimulates both hemispheres of the brain, and allows learning to go deeper.

I’ve included a short video segment (see above) from a workshop I gave in Poughkeepsie, NY on Movement Grows Learning, along with a short clip from a concert where we’re singing and playing with scarves.