Why rescue miniature donkeys? Do these animals really need our help?

It’s easy to see why people fall in love with these cute, adorable little guys. They are kind and sweet, gentle and playful. They are basically very easy and fairly inexpensive to care for. They make great pets and wonderful companions for other equines.

However, people forget that donkeys can live upwards of 40 years, and having one is a lifelong commitment. As pets for children the novelty often wears off, leaving them forgotten in the pastures. They keep weight on with very little to eat, but their feet often go completely ignored for years, leading to long, curly, disfigured hooves, causing pain and lameness. Lack of good dental care results in sharp, painful teeth, eventually leading to difficulty eating. Though these guys are stoic, tough little survivors, that does not mean that they don’t suffer when neglected.

Why not sponsor a donkey with your whole family? It makes a wonderful gift for family and friends… or make a one-time donation. Every penny helps!

You can also visit a donkey farm near you! It is an incredible experience for children and the entire family of all ages!