The Magic Of The Moment

Sukey's Pearl River ConcertI was performing in a Sukey Molloy & Friends concert in a small library setting, and a young child from the audience walked right up to me while I was singing and playing the auto harp. Face to face, she placed herself in front of me, blocking my view of the audience, and insisted on handing me one of the finger puppets I had just given out. She seemed concerned that I didn’t have one! I was very struck with the wish to honor her gesture, and wasn’t sure what exactly to do.

I nodded and smiled, saying thank you with my eyes, and she would have none of it! She needed me to take that puppet, and it was clear it was the only thing to do. I stopped playing the harp, and along with the audience, gratefully accepted the gesture. I was reminded there is no “performing”, just the magic of the moment – and that moment is childhood.