The Adventures of Little Stubby

The Adventures of Little Stubby features six stories about a sweet young mini donkey with a mind of his own! Join Stubby as he moves to his new home, hides from the doctor, searches for his friend Willow, learns how to swim, hears an unusual sound, and goes on an important errand. In each of the stories we count along with Stubby, 1,2,3 to help him relax as he finds his way through many adventures. Hee haw!

Release Date! 
April 14, 2023



Stubby Moves to His New Home

Stubby walks out into the barnyard one morning and sees a bright yellow truck with a shiny blue ramp going up the back. “What could this be?” he wonders. Little does Stubby know that he is about to move to his new home! Curious by nature, Stubby trots up the ramp into the truck, and away he goes…hee haw!

Stubby Hides from the Doctor

Stubby discovers that today he will have his hooves trimmed by the hoof doctor. But Stubby doesn’t want to see the doctor today, hee haw! He quickly hides behind a huddle of sheep at feeding time, but soon finds himself standing all alone in the barnyard. What happens next? Hee haw!

Stubby Searches for Willow

One morning, Stubby notices that his best donkey friend Willow hasn’t arrived for breakfast. Where can she be?” he wonders. Stubby is very worried and looks everywhere for Willow. When he finally finds her in the little blue barn, Stubby decides to stay by Willow’s side until she is all better, no matter what. It is going to be a long day and night. “Hee haw!”

Stubby Learns to Swim

Stubby has been thinking about learning how to swim, but each time he tries, he gets scared and trots back to shore. “How will he ever learn? Hee haw!” Stubby’s best friend Willow arrives at the pond, and Stubby finds the courage to try. With Willow by his side, Stubby learns to swim with his friends Goosey Goose, Ducky Duck and Froggy the Frog.

Stubby Hears a Sound

Stubby hears an unusual sound and goes in search of what the sound can be. Someone might need his help! Stubby finds a tiny black and white striped kitten and carries it back to his stall. But the kitten keeps meowing! Stubby asks his friend Pinky the Pig to help. She has ten little piglets of her own, and plenty of milk to share. “Hee haw!”

Stubby Has an Important Job

Stubby is happy to be asked to deliver a small box of medicine to the donkey farm over the hill. But on the way Stubby loses the box. What will happen to the baby donkey without the medicine? Stubby finds the box and delivers it to the farm, but on his way home has another dilemma to face. It’s getting dark. Hee haw!



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