Sunny’s Song – Felt Art & Song

photo(35) photo(34) The real Sunny, with Tick Tock

Hi Again!

When writing Sunny’s Song (on my I Am Happy album) I especially wanted Sunny to have a song all her own, just like Tick Tock. Animating Sunny’s Song on the upcoming Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4 DVD, for me, will be a very special treat.

In the song, Sunny puts on her hat and boots, plays with a ball, and then plays with a pail and shovel. And of course, everything she wears is yellow.

Making Sunny in felt is great fun for young children. They can assemble the face, add the limbs, attach the rays, and add the ball and pail and shovel. For children who have seen Sunny on stage, on TV (on BabyFirst in the US and Latin America), or in the classroom will find this is especially fun.

Look for Sunny’s Song on my Kickstarter Campaign!

Click here to listen…Sunny’s Song  (I Am Happy with Sukey Molloy, 2011)

Building Sunny’s face Sunny with arms and legs photo(31)