Sukey’s Circle of Friends

I’d like to welcome you to our Sukey’s Circle of Friends Blog!

It is a real delight to launch this blog on behalf of PlayMove&Sing Inc., and to have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences that are meaningful in the lives of the children we care for.

A few years ago, one of my very first clients, Nancy Ferst, (now President of PlayMove&Sing Inc.) said, “Sukey, why don’t you record a CD of the songs you sing in class?”

Since that special moment, I have been extremely privileged to share in classes, concerts and events with many children and families in our area, and have observed most often that what we all truly share together a very deep wish to do what is right for our children, and that we each have our children’s very best interests at heart!

As a parent, teacher, and performer, when I am engaging with young children, I truly need to know that I am making every effort to assist them with what they need in order to process and make sense of the many amazing impressions they are receiving and absorbing.

Sensitivity to this process is the centerpiece of my interest both as an artist, and as an educator of young children, and I would like to be able to share in this interest with you.

Look for our first theme! “Body Time” and the Young Child.

Many thanks,

Sukey Molloy
Artistic Director
PlayMove&Sing Inc., and
The Circle Song Show