New York Wildlife Rescue Center, Middleburg, NY

I’d like to introduce you to:

New York Wildlife Rescue Center, Middleburg, NY

Director/President: Wes Laraway, 518-256-5911
Vice President: Kelly Martin, 518-827-4616 (land), 518-817-7186 (mobile)


My husband and I have visited NY Wildlife Rescue in Middleburgh, NY twice and have been in awe at the scale of work they are doing there. In addition to the handful of miniature donkeys I initially went there to see, I discovered that Wes Laraway has an entire barn dedicated to injured raptors who require constant care, as well as parrots, cockatoos, geese, goats, bobcats, horses, Great Danes, and an entire menagerie of orphaned baby animals of all varieties. It is an endless labor of love, and skill, to maintain this multi-acre jewel on top of a mountain sitting above the valley of Middleburg.

Here is Wes Laraway, the President, with an injured baby eagle, and Oscar, one of the resident Bobcats at the center.

“Our wildlife rehabilitation program has expanded immensely since we initiated it in 2007. We now rescue almost all species of wildlife in NY State, with the exception of mountain lions and bears.
We continue to visit many different events in the area, as well, presenting our educational program, “Wildlife Alive!”, and are “partially”* available for tours of the facility, by appointment only. (Animals to be released cannot be visited by the public but some of our permanent residents will be viewable by guided tour.)
We received our IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status in November of 2008. All donations to NYWRC are tax exempt within the limits of the laws governing charitable contributions.** Please visit often, because things happen fast around here!”

Here’s a baby porcupine rescued this summer. If you have a chance to visit, to donate or to volunteer, do reach out to Wes and Kelly to arrange a tour!