Naming Parts of the Body

Featured song: These are my Eyes

Learning to name and identify parts of the body is one of the first achievements young children take pride in. Pointing to eyes, nose, mouth and belly button brings a personal sense of satisfaction. Singing songs that name parts of the body helps children participate in learning about themselves and others, and offers the joy of performing a task within reach.

When singing These Are My Eyes, I include my stuffed puppet Sunny. I also build a face on the felt board with arms, legs, and hair. I invite children to try all the actions along with me, and I find that even older children find pleasure in sharing what they’ve already learned! How many different parts of the body can you point to? Can you try adding those parts with new lyrics to the song?

Click here to download coloring page of Sunny felt art character

Click here to listen and download These are My Eyes

Click here to download These are My Eyes lyrics sheet.