My Interview on Good Stuff Kids

Listen to my interview with Mike Mason on Good Stuff Kids.

Thank you Mike!

Sukey Molloy is here for episode #180! We talked a lot about child development, particularly brain development, and her brand new record ‘Five Little Oysters.” It was fascinating to hear how Sukey uses different artistic mediums and her knowledge on other subjects to enhance her music. Here’s a teaser: Felt and Sound Effects…

“Sukey Molloy puts a big smile on traditional favorites and mixes them with original songs, poetry, and a story for the release of her fifth album, Five Little Oysters! Listeners are invited into a personal, intimate world of familiar old time favorites as Molloy changes up the lyrics with lots of special effects, creative rhythmic nuances, and colorful percussive textures, and highlights educational, learning fun with counting, farm animals, and cozy family listening for children of all ages!

Listen here.