Moments with Father & Son

Father and Son 3This is the first in a series of posts on the nature of relationships. My interest in adult/child relationships is inspired by the parent/child toddler classes I teach when I visit libraries, community centers and the YMCA, and when I perform.

In my role sharing music and movement play with families, I am privileged to observe many touching moments that reflect the quality of caring and commitment parents share with their children – and in particular, between father and son. This unique relationship offers a touching glimpse into the nature of bonding, learning, and trust.

There is a father who attends one of my classes with his baby boy every week and who is totally devoted to providing stimulating and meaningful experiences for his son. The interaction between them shines with a quality of enthusiasm, caring, and inexhaustible attentiveness that’s clearly required in the first few years of life. In this relationship, the father seems deeply inspired to offer his full attention to his son, creating a relationship for a lifetime. The unspoken Father and Son 1communication between them through gesture, facial expression, affection, acknowledgement and affirmation brings a quality of encouragement, guidance, and support that opens the heart.

Not every father has the opportunity to be a ‘stay at home’ dad, but for each father and son relationship, there can be many, many moments created specifically throughout each day and week to help nourish this very special bond. There’s nothing more rewarding than watching a father and son build their present/future together.