Learn & Play! with Five Little Ducks Felt Board & Song

Five Little Ducks, included on my ‘I Like to Sing’ CD, is one of my favorite songs for play with movement, storytelling and felt. It’s great for working with adding and subtracting, and playing with hide and seek when the ducks disappear behind the hill on each verse.

You can create your very own ‘Five Little Ducks’ felt storyboard to use at home or in the classroom while you sing along with the song!

You’ll need to purchase a 9×12 inch adhesive foam board(s), adhere a 9×12 inch background color felt on the board, and cut the felt ducks and other shapes out of additional colorful pieces of felt. You can sing the song while you move the felt pieces on and off the board along with the lyrics.

When you’ve finished with the story/play and boards, simply store the small pieces in zip lock bags, and place the boards in a safe place for next time!

Here’s a link to order my ‘Five Little Ducks song!

And the link to order my ‘Five Little Ducks’ Craft Kit!