Five Little Ducks – Felt Art & Song

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This third post is about one of my favorite children’s songs, Five Little Ducks. The song lends itself well to felt art/play, and you can include as many ducks as you can make! It’s a great activity for counting, adding, and subtracting, and can be sung all together while using individual storyboards. Hiding individual ducks under ‘hills’ when they disappear during the song works well. The children love hiding the ducks, and bringing them back.

Five Little Ducks is about a mother and her ducks who, one day, go over the hill and far away, and one by one, the young ducks do not return. In my CD (listen below), the ducks return one by one at the end of the song, and happiness is restored. This is the perfect song to accompany felt art creations.

Five Little Ducks is one of the songs that will be included on my new Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4 Mini Animations DVD scheduled for production in 2014. You’ll be hearing soon about my upcoming Kickstarter Campaign!

Stay tuned for my fourth post on Sunny’s Song.

Click here to listen…Five Little Ducks  (I Like to Sing with Sukey Molloy, 2007)

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