Colors of the Rainbow – Felt Art & Song

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Here’s my second post on Creating Felt Art & Song!

Colors of the Rainbow (from my I Like to Sing album), features lyrics about the many different colors we see in the rainbow, the many shapes all around us, and the many numbers in the universe beginning with one through ten.

I like to use several large felt boards on the floor, (I make them myself), with lots of rainbow shapes, colors, and numbers for all to share. The children can move around freely, sharing the space with friends and family, and explore the many different possibilities as they maneuver the pieces. There is no right or wrong way to play with felt. It’s simply a wonderful invitation to touch and discover.

When we’re ready to sing, I invite the children to bring their felt pieces to the standing board and easel. As we sing the different verses of the song, the children place their felt on the board, and in the end, we stand back and look at all we’ve created.

Colors of the Rainbow is to be included on my new Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 4 Mini Animation DVD, scheduled for production in 2014. Watch for more info.

And stay tuned for upcoming posts on Five Little Ducks and Sunny’s Song!

Click here to listen…Colors of the Rainbow  (I Like to Sing with Sukey Molloy, 2007)