Circle Time in Spring!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve had a most amazing time at the Monroe Library this spring and thought you’d enjoy learning a bit about our time together. A picture says a thousand words! Many thanks to Melissa and Joy who took all the great photos, and who hosted the program.

My Circle Time program includes songs, musical instruments, and movement activities for children age birth to 5. In Monroe we created a ‘family style’ series for children birth to age 3. Something for everyone!

I find that singing Hello is always a great way to begin making new friends, and I like to use hand puppets for everyone to sing and wave with while we greet one another.

Look what I found! Getting ready to sing Hello Everyone…


…while creating a circle of friends.

20160428_104208  20160428_105013


Maraca play is another great circle time activity. Maracas are fun to touch, chew, shake and tap, and great accompaniment for all kinds of songs. Participating in rhythmic motion is great stimulation for the developing brain! We sang Here We Go Up, and changed the lyrics to ‘here we go shake, shake, shake’.

20160428_110719  20160428_110732


And playing with pails is an all time favorite activity. In our song/play we added fish and fishing poles, and practiced catching and releasing fish in and out of the pail. This is great fun, and good for fine motor skills, eye hand coordination, and creative imagination.


20160428_105506  20160428_105551





And singing Row Row Row Your Boat is always a wonderful favorite. Rocking motion is great for vestibular stimulation and helps to develop balance. It’s fun to try it going both fast and slow.

First we began rowing…


Then our boat capsized, and upside down we went!



Playing with musical spoons is another activity that’s great for learning fun. There are so many things to do with wooden spoons! Here we’re getting ready to sing If I Had Hands (Spoons). We just changed up the lyrics!





And playing with sunglasses, now that’s fun. Look at me singing These Are My Eyes!

20160421_104701  20160421_104645





Songs I’ve mentioned in the post include:

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These Are My Eyes (Circle Songs with Sukey Molloy CD)
Row Row Row Your Boat (Circle Songs with Sukey Molloy CD)
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See you soon!

Sukey Molloy