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Wind Through My Window – “I Am Sleepy” preview

Wind Through My Window by Sukey Molloy I composed this song at dusk, out on the cliffs overlooking the Hudson River during the fall season. I was touched with the way the leaves danced as they fell from the trees in the wind. I continued to develop the song as I lay in bed that night, and listened to the […]

Hush My Little One – “I Am Sleepy” preview

Hush My Little One by Sukey Molloy This is a traditional song from the American south that was shared with me by my friend Myra who heard it in her youth. Myra is now 80 years old, and she gave me the music notated in her own hand. On the right is a photo of Stephen Benson playing guitar on Hush My Little One. Stephen’s a member […]

Night Is Falling – “I Am Sleepy” preview

Night Is Falling by Sukey Molloy I wrote this while watching the sunset on the New Jersey shore with very dear friends. I felt that each of us should go to sleep at night knowing we have done our best that day, and that we can let the day go in complete trust. To the […]

Scottish Folk Song – “I Am Sleepy!” preview

Scottish Folk Song by Sukey Molloy This song was given to me by a friend in the town where I live. She had loved this song in her youth when she heard it at camp, and asked me to include it on the album. The photo on the right is Barbara Allen playing harp on Scottish Folk Song. […]

Why Not Spend Them Together?

I was driving near my house, and passed a stop where the children wait for the school bus. I noticed a young mother, typing away on her cell phone, while her four year old son stood next to her, waiting and watching. It seemed a little lonely, and a bit baffling, and I wanted to call out, “Please put the phone away until you […]

Wake up Tick Tock!

Each time I give a concert, whether large or small, there’s a special moment when we stop to look for my friend Tick Tock – an over stuffed, blue felt clock. It amazes me still how this moment shines through so brightly every time! When we actually “find” Tick Tock, we sing and dance the Tick Tock song together, and […]

The Magic Of The Moment

I was performing in a Sukey Molloy & Friends concert in a small library setting, and a young child from the audience walked right up to me while I was singing and playing the auto harp. Face to face, she placed herself in front of me, blocking my view of the audience, and insisted on […]

Wonder and Joy

I was giving an interactive class for parents and children and discovered a tender moment of childhood. We just finished singing and dancing with scarves and needed a moment to transition, so I invited everyone to lie down and enjoy just being there before going on to the next thing. I noticed one little girl, lying […]