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Be Happy Don’t Worry!

When I was a little girl, and sometimes felt anxious, my mother would say, “Sukey, be happy, don’t worry. There’s nothing to worry about.” It would give me a different perspective in the moment, and offer a new attitude. I wrote ‘Be Happy Don’t Worry’ to help remember my mother’s advice. I also wanted to […]

These Are My Eyes

I’m delighted to share this very first felt animation that I created for Sukey’s Circle! and which is available on DVD and in audio picture book. I first wrote the song for mothers to sing with their babies during infant massage sessions. And the song later evolved into a felt art activity to share with […]

Twinkle Twinkle

I love to look up at the stars in the nighttime sky. Don’t you? I love the special feeling of awe and wonder that comes when gazing at the little twinkling beams of light. When I recorded Twinkle Twinkle on my I Like to Sing album, I discovered that the lyrics are from an early […]

Where Does the River Go?

Where Does the River Go? is one of the very first felt animations I created, and the longer version can be seen on my Sukey’s Circle! Volume 2 DVD. The video is set to a song I wrote while sitting next to a stream in Vermont with my son. As the water gently rushed by, […]

I Sit on My Chair

As a developmental movement educator I study many forms of movement, and in particular am interested in exploring gestures and postures. Did you know that the movement vocabulary we acquire by age 10 is the one we will take through life? Children need to explore many different ways of moving in order to build a […]

If I Were a Tree

As a former modern dancer, I find it fascinating to look at movement in nature. It’s fun to observe animals busy gathering food, and to watch trees as they move in the wind. I created If I Were a Tree as a movement story  to invite children to explore the sounds and motion of a […]

Moments with Siblings

My recollection from my early relationship with my sister is pretty sketchy, but today I am totally fascinated with what I observe in siblings in the PlayMove&Sing classes I teach. In sharing music, movement and playtime alongside identical twins, fraternal twins, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, I am reminded how very fragile these relationships are. And […]

Moments with Grandparents & Grandchildren

At concerts when I perform, and in classes when I teach, I often see young children delightedly accompanied by a cherished grandparent, and I am always touched at how special these relationships are. I’ve also learned that, not only are grandchildren often accompanied by a favorite grandparent at an event, but they are also often […]

Moments with Mother & Daughter

Over the years I have been privileged with many glimpses into mother and daughter relationships, and I continue to be deeply touched. There is an indescribable bond, a mysterious sharing and mutual understanding not easily described. It’s as though mother and daughter have a pre-verbal agreement, a private language all their own – a kind […]

Moments with Father & Son

This is the first in a series of posts on the nature of relationships. My interest in adult/child relationships is inspired by the parent/child toddler classes I teach when I visit libraries, community centers and the YMCA, and when I perform. In my role sharing music and movement play with families, I am privileged to […]