If I Were a Tree

As a former modern dancer, I find it fascinating to look at movement in nature. It’s fun to observe animals busy gathering food, and to watch trees as they move in the wind. I created If I Were a Tree as a movement story  to invite children to explore the sounds and motion of a being tree in the wind. When sharing the story with preschoolers, I find they like to move in all different ways, so I created this movement story video, pretending to be a tree blowing in the wind and rain and sun. As you watch, I hope you and your children will move along with me in whatever way you wish! You can purchase If I Were a Tree in audio, video, or together. See info and lyrics below.


If I were a tree,
I would stand tall,
Just like me.

And when it would rain and thrunder,
I would curl my branches,
Right under.

And when the sun would come out,
I would wiggle my leaves,
All about.

And when a gentle breeze would blow,
I would bend my branches down,
Really low.

If I were a tree,
I would stand tall,
Just like me.

If I Were a Tree (song from I Like to Sing album)

If I Were a Tree (video from Sukey’s Circle! Vol. 2 and Vol. 3)

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