Movement Grows Learning! What do Foveal and Peripheral Vision Refer To?

In babies and very young children, the muscles in the eyes develop sequentially and are intimately related to the development of the central nervous system. In infancy and early childhood, peripheral vision is the first function to develop naturally, followed by the development of foveal vision.

Foveal refers to up-close, two-dimensional viewing […]

Movement Grows Learning! Right/Left Hemispheres of the Brain

Did you know that the right and left hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different functions? I’ve learned it’s very important in the developing years to nourish both sides of the brain in order to make sure the whole child is engaged in the learning process.

The […]

Movement Grows Learning! with Tick Tock

Have you ever heard the term ‘vestibular’? I learned about it when studying Infant Development at the School for Body Mind Centering in Amherst, MA.

Vestibular comes from the word vestibule, referring to a gateway or opening between two places. Located in the central part of the inner […]

Be Happy Don’t Worry!

When I was a little girl, and sometimes felt anxious, my mother would say, “Sukey, be happy, don’t worry. There’s nothing to worry about.” It would give me a different perspective in the moment, and offer a new attitude. I wrote ‘Be Happy Don’t Worry’ to help remember my mother’s advice. I also wanted […]

These Are My Eyes

I’m delighted to share this very first felt animation that I created for Sukey’s Circle! and which is available on DVD and in audio picture book. I first wrote the song for mothers to sing with their babies during infant massage sessions. And the song later evolved into a felt art activity […]

I Sit on My Chair

As a developmental movement educator I study many forms of movement, and in particular am interested in exploring gestures and postures. Did you know that the movement vocabulary we acquire by age 10 is the one we will take through life? Children need to explore many different ways of moving in order […]

Remembering Nona

I’d like to share a very special person with you who has been a profound part of my life – Claricia Iona Cummings. Miss Cummings, endearingly referred to as Nona, joined my family from Panama when I was just five days old. At the time, we lived in Springfield, Massachusetts. Nona has been like a […]

Sukey’s Circle! Mini Shows on BabyFirst TV!

Hi Everyone! I’m really pleased that my newly recreated Sukey’s Circle! Mini Shows are airing on BabyFirst TV! When BabyFirst initially expressed interest, they requested that I deliver all 15 mini episodes in both Spanish and English. This was quite a surprise but I did it! After the lyrics and dialogue were interpreted from English […]

Drum Play with Hands & Mallets

Drum play is inherently a magical activity and seems to attract children young and old. Drum play creates an invitation to touch that allows children to explore sounds and rhythm all on their own. With a little guidance, drums are wonderfully responsive instruments for play and learning, and are very versatile particularly for little hands.


Ball Play to the tune of Ten Little Indians

Ball play has universal appeal for young children and is a great activity for the developing years. Ball play develops eye-hand and eye-foot coordination, builds steadiness and confidence in the emotions, and develops physical skills to take through life.

Ball skills begin by experimenting with fundamental “lead up” skills to set the groundwork for developing […]