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My Interview on Good Stuff Kids

Listen to my interview with Mike Mason on Good Stuff Kids. Thank you Mike! Sukey Molloy is here for episode #180! We talked a lot about child development, particularly brain development, and her brand new record ‘Five Little Oysters.” It was fascinating to hear how Sukey uses different artistic mediums and her knowledge on other […]

Parents & Teachers

I have been extremely privileged to share in classes, concerts and events with children, teachers and parents, and have observed that we share a deep wish to do what is right for the children in our care. When engaging in activities, I make every effort to assist children in the joyful work of making sense […]

Naming Parts of the Body

Featured song: These are my Eyes Learning to name and identify parts of the body is one of the first achievements young children take pride in. Pointing to eyes, nose, mouth and belly button brings a personal sense of satisfaction. Singing songs that name parts of the body helps children participate in learning about themselves […]

Fine & Gross Motor Play Together

Featured song: Open Shut Them Children thrive on building a rich movement vocabulary in the developing years. By combining fine and gross motor play activities together in one song, we offer fun and meaningful ways for children to explore the body in motion. Open Shut Them is a great place to start. Try singing and […]